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    Work with Amazing People

    More than 300 like-minded people working on cool start-ups in one space. Product, technology, law, finance, fund-raising, management, and other professionals are only a few seats away. You are not alone.

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    Attract New Talents

    Hiring good people is very hard. If you work from home, a coffee shop, an apartment building or a small office it’s even harder. Our Silicon Valley-style environment, great teams and perfect location inside the 2nd ring road and near Beijing’s most famous food street, Guijie will increase your chances of attracting and recruiting great people.

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    Investors Are Around You

    Your start-up needs investment? It’s as hard for you to find suitable investors as it is for early stage investors to find great projects and teams. With early stage investors sitting around the corner, you will get constant exposure and better chances to get to know more investors. Currently Infinity Venture Partners, SingTel Innov8, Iris Capital and AngelVest have ongoing presence in Tech Temple as well as many other VCs and angels that often attend Tech Temple events.

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    The Beijing startup and technology community is very active. There is always something interesting happening in some part of the city. In Tech Temple the community comes to you when we host one of our events. By hosting events like Lean Startup Machine, AngelHack and Demo Days – Tech Temple is aiming to become one of the main destinations for start-up and technology events in Beijing and you will be in the center of it.

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    Flexible Cost

    Get the best value for money for paying by a per-seat model. One of the advantages of a co-working space is that you only need to pay for the space that you are using. If you have 5 people team – you only pay for 5 seats. No need to get a larger office for future growth. No need to worry about water, electricity and other bills, no need to worry about internet, meeting rooms, place to meet clients and more.

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    TechTemple is an incubator for startups. We strive to give extraordinary teams access to the resources they need to create great companies. TechTemple has nice workspace and related service, such as capital, community, coaching, unique events, etc. Within our help, the entrepreneurs find they can make a big difference here.

    TechTemple BeiXinQiao,Beijing
    Tel:010 84030877
    E-mail: yangyiyan@kejisi.com
    No.107, Tower B, Tianhai Building 107
    Dongsi Bei St. Dongcheng Beijing,
    TechTemple Sanlitun, Beijing
    4th courtyard, building 10,
    Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    TechTemple Sports Park,Shenzhen
    22Floor, National New Media&Advertising
    Industrial Park,Futian Sports Park
    No.3030, Fuqiang St,
    Futian District, Shenzhen.